Turn Your Email Newsletter Into A Perpetual Referral Source

You already know referrals are the easiest and most profitable customers or clients you can get. They’re already primed and ready to pay premium prices for your trusted products and services. But the reality is: referrals don’t just happen; you need a system in place.

With StartReferrals Premium Email Newsletters, you can generate an endless surge of your ideal customers for a tiny fraction of the average advertising spend.

Email Newsletter Marketing offers the best return on your investment.

StartReferrals Is The Quickest And Least Expensive Way To Attract A Consistent Flow Of New Customers. Here’s Why.

Multiply Your Ideal Clients – Your email newsletter is only going out to customers who have already left a positive review for you. These are exactly the kind of people who will refer you and keep coming back!

Top Of Mind, Tip Of Tongue – Email marketing allows you to stay cemented in your customer’s lives in a way no other marketing can really accomplish. You’ll be the first person your customers think of when their friends are looking for recommendations.

Turn Customers Into Referral Machines – StartReferrals email newsletters are different, because they are filled with truly valuable information your customers will want to share with their friends and family. They become ambassadors for your brand.

Systemized and Deliberate – StartReferrals has distilled email newsletters down to a science. We send the content-packed emails at the exact right time of day and day of week to maximize your ROI. And the best part is we can measure exactly how well it performed down to the click.

More Bang For Your Buck – Instead of gambling on expensive and unreliable advertising, why not rack up some quick wins by tapping into your existing customer base with StartReferrals? According to the Direct Marketing Association, newsletters bring in $40 for every $1 spent. So… this could easily be the best money you’ve ever spent in your business.

Email Newsletter Marketing Strategy

Branded newsletters each month.

A digestible take on the ins and outs of your industry designed to help you stay in touch with your past clients.

Content designed to keep your customers interested, always written with your brand personality in mind.

Easy, central calls-to-action in every newsletter make it easy to get in touch with you.

Never-Ending Referrals In 3 Easy Steps

First we dive deep into your industry, following the influential voices, and keeping track of the undercurrents of change. Then we masterfully weave that into your newsletters to position you as a thought leader in your niche.

Next our branding experts perfect the design of your email newsletter, staying true to the aura of your business to ensure maximum engagement from your readers.

Behind the scenes, we’ll be able to see the “gears turning” – measuring the open rates and click-through rates for every newsletter. We’ll find out what’s working and improve upon it for even better results. Every newsletter becomes more optimized than the last.

Our Portfolio Of Past Newsletters

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