Email Newsletter Marketing

Since the boom of social media and digital marketing, a number of approaches have emerged that claim to offer the best return. Pay-per-click advertisement offers a huge volume of traffic – but at a high cost. SEO is a fundamental to organic search ranking – but this is not as important a measure for small companies and personal brands because the costs are also high.

Email Newsletter Marketing offers the best return on your investment.

Here are FIVE reasons why:

Targeted – Email marketing is designed to reach specific people in their inbox at a particular time of day. It offers the solution to the relatively non-targeted nature of PPC and SEO. With newsletters you know who is seeing the content and precisely how they react to it.

Increases Brand Awareness – Email marketing dovetails with branding in such a perfect way. There is no need to spend tons of money on a re-branding campaign every year just to stay relevant in your network. Two newsletters a month brings depth to your brand and comes in the form of a personal touch that reaches people in their homes.

Share, Share, Share – Newsletters are designed to be shareable across all social platforms, as well as devices. This increases the potential for brand awareness because people will be able to show others just what it is you do without having to send a link to a website.

Measure What Counts – A lot of marketing approaches become saturated with numbers that do not help you convert. Email marketing is the opposite. It gives precise numbers on the open-rate and subscriber retention rates.

Best ROI – As the owner of your own business, you should know how valuable ROI is. Email newsletters provide better ROI than social, search, and display advertisement. Recent data from the Direct Marketing Association found that newsletters bring in $40 for every $1 spent.

Email Newsletter Marketing Features

2 Branded newsletters per month.

A digestible take on the ins and outs of your industry designed to help you stay in touch with past clients.

Content always written in your voice.

Our 3-Step Process

First we research into your niche and collect valuable insight that we turn into engaging newsletters. We follow top influencers and keep track of the undercurrents of change in your industry so that we can seamlessly position you as a thought leader.

Then we incorporate the text into a world class design template. Our design team is full of branding experts who know how to perfect the layout and visual cues to match your brand.

Our automated marketing system makes it easy to track each newsletter and see what works and why.

Some of our Email Newsletter Marketing Campaigns

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