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Did you know? Email is by far the #1 preferred form of professional communication. This naturally makes email newsletters for small business a non-invasive and engaging way to stay at the top of your customers’ minds.

When you are on the top of their minds, it also means you are close to the tip of their tongue. That’s why emails are one of the absolute best referral program ideas to ensure your business a steady stream of warm referral business.

Here’s the strategy: 6 kick-butt newsletters each month. No fluff or filler, only 100% high-octane content — valuable, interesting, and relevant to what you do. We hold ourselves to a crazy high standard, tossing the “one-size-fits-all” approach to the curb. No newsletter templates.

You’ll stay connected to your best clients, they will call you first whenever they need anything, and they’ll be your best salespeople, telling their friends about all you’ve done for them.

It’s time to activate the power of brand loyalty.

Newsletter Features:

6 fascinating and valuable newsletters every single month.

Original, personalized content that people are genuinely interested in.

Move your brand into the best location: the top of your customers’ minds.


Saving time is outstanding; getting results from your social media channels is even better. Now, with StartReferrals, you can easily do both.

It’s no secret the vast majority of people spend an enormous portion of their free time on social media, so you know it’s critical for referral marketing. But when it comes to business, it always seems like you’ve got something more important and more urgent to do.

StartReferrals completely eliminates social media from your to-do list, while generating results you’ll be thrilled with. That’s because we custom-create a month’s worth of strategic posts designed to engage customers, bring them to your website, and generate referrals.

Social Media Features:

Multi-platform plan of attack: high-powered stream of content for Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business Posting, and more.

30 full days of carefully calculated content every month.

Coordinated, collaborative process: strategic 30-day content calendar approval.


You already know people trust testimonials and reviews more than traditional marketing. All things being equal, the company with the best reviews wins the most business.

You’d love to gain an edge over your competition with a soaring reputation and online rating. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Until now.

The StartReferrals Review Request App for both Apple and Android devices lets you turn customers into raving fans and brand advocates by only pushing a few buttons.

StartReferrals sends review sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Home advisor, BBB directly to the fingertips of your clients, making it effortless for them to leave a quick review.

Review System Features:

Outrageously convenient automated review process

Available for all Apple and Android smartphones

Skyrocket your online reputation and rating on every important review site

Automatically add every client to your referral marketing program and email newsletter list at the exact same time you request a review.


If you want to unleash the full potential of your business, then you need your website to be firing on all cylinders, making the maximum amount of sales. That’s the difference between an “Action Site” and a regular old website.

We Actually Guarantee 10% Greater Sales*

Unlike a lot of website providers who talk a big game but don’t guarantee anything, StartReferrals Action Sites are backed by our full faith and confidence. That’s because we’ve proven how effective our strategies are in real life, and we want you to put us to the test.

Your new website will convert website visitors much more effectively than the old one.




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Asking for reviews, testimonials, and referrals used to be one of the most awkward and painful parts of business, second only to cold calling! Now it’s one-touch easy and very smooth: the app lets you send a professional request through email, text or both directly from your phone.

You can request reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp in only seconds. Plus, you get to take advantage of a unique feature: the ability to filter out any negative reviews before they are posted. Control your reputation and online word-of-mouth for outstanding results!

One Step Further

The best part is once you add your contacts into the Review Us 360 App, they also begin to receive your monthly email newsletters which are designed to produce referrals for your business.

Forget about other referral programs for small businesses: StartReferrals gives you the results, without the effort and pain.

*Terms of guarantee: after 4 months, if your Action Site is not performing 10% better than your previous site, you won’t have to pay for your website until we accomplish the 10% increase.